Faking It Sneak Peek: Liam Finally Finds His Old Man (And His Faith)

Turns out, the Hester High student had a little help.

While Amy spent all summer galavanting with a band named after shattered genitals and Karma and Shane were making friends with a Hawaiian hippie, Liam was, well... getting to the bottom of his daddy issues.

In the exclusive Faking It sneak peek, below, it's safe to say we know what else (or who) Liam was doing all summer, father figure conundrum aside. Hint: Her name rhymes with "Peeta," and she's about as far as you can get from the humble Hunger Games hottie. Zita — the same wealthy socialite who worked with Liam at Skwerkel and previously wedged herself between Kiam — apparently spent the better part of the summer engaging in "multiple pleasures" with the Hester High sophomore while helping him track down his late father. Excuses, excuses... we know Zita has always had her eyes on the artsy stud!

Now that Liam has finally uncovered his pop's true identity (and Judaism religion), he has little time for anything other than Bar Mitzvah classes — and that definitely includes Karma. (Cue his harsh "Karma who?" comment in between Ziam kisses.)

Are you pro-Ziam or pro... Liam-with-anyone-else? Peep the sneak peek, and catch the full ep tonight at 10:30/9:30c!