Odd(est) Jobs: Here Are All The Ways 'Faking It''s Teens Earned Extra Cash

For one, Liam's now a tech intern...

A paycheck's a paycheck, right? Wrong. Some forms of compensation come in much weirder ways than others -- a fact the "Faking It" characters know all too well.

During this week's premiere episode, Liam began an internship at his dad's behemoth tech company Skwerkel. If you've ever had to work some position you hate, you know what it is: a total nightmare, and you're suddenly obligated to do it with a smile.

But Karma's hookup buddy certainly isn't the first student from Hester High to fake their way through a new job. Here's the variety of employment our fav pupils have taken up to rake in the cash:

  1. Liam the Food Trucker

    Liam went from visual artist to sandwich artist when he got involved in Karma's parents' food truck enterprise. But before the biz (how shall we put this?) went up in smoke, he went elbow-deep in granola and kale to prove his true integrity to Karma's hippie folks. Liam is free to get us some pressed juice whenever he likes.

  2. Lauren the Carnival Organizer

    Lauren is many things: Conservative, popular and highly ambitious. Above all, though, she is a really, REALLY good event planner. She used her everything's-bigger-in-Texas attitude to put together what has to be the most American carnival of all time. Seriously, they should have turned that thing into a permanent fixture on campus and charged admission.

  3. Duke the MMA Trainer

    Duke is now a fully sponsored athlete, but it wasn't always that way. We got a chance to see him teaching MMA classes at his father's gym when he was just getting off the ground. They were pretty popular! And considering how, AHEM, physical those classes got for Shane, we think it's fair to say they were worth the price of admission.

  4. Theo the Narcotics Officer

    Apparently, Theo was the Never-Been-Kissed student of Hester High all along in an attempt to bust Karma's parents for selling pot. We were shocked, Lauren was betrayed and Karma was angry. Now we're paranoid that everyone we know is an undercover officer. Is it you?! ARE YOU THE POLICE?

  5. Sneak Peek: Karma the Cater Waiter

    Pretty soon, we'll get to see how Amy's BFF handles cater waiter work. Some advice: Smile at the guests, make sure your blacks match, and don't eat the food (when people are looking).

What odd jobs did you have when you were in high school? Did you manage to fake your way through them too? Tell us in the comments, and be sure to tune into "Faking It" every Monday at 9:30/8:30c!