Which 'Faking It' Breakup Hit You The Hardest: Kiam's Or Shuke's?

Heartbreak seems to be contagious at Hester High.

Two "Faking It" couples hit their breaking point during tonight's episode -- but which relationship curveball was the toughest to take?

First up, the struggle of Kiam: Ever since Liam had to take a job at his dad's tech company Skwerkel (in order to save Karma's family from jail time when they got busted by Theo for dealing pot), he's been spending a lot of time commiserating with his coworker Zita. The newcomer quickly impressed Liam and his pals: She offered to fly the entire gang to Las Vegas on her family's private jet to see Duke's first professional MMA match. And the trip couldn't have come at a better time for Karma, who really needed an escape from her stressful home situation.

But the out-of-state adventure soon hit a bunch of snags: Zita accidentally revealed some Liam gossip to Karma, not only airing his recent experiences but also making K feel seriously out of the loop in regards to her beau. In addition, Duke's meddling new publicist made it clear that Zita's and Liam's wealthy family connections made them red-carpet-worthy. Karma and her juice-truck inhabiting clan? Not so much. Ouch -- it was seriously bad timing to confront Karma's broke status.

But that wasn't the main reason things finally came to a head for Kiam.

"It's not just the money -- I had to find out from Zita that you thought you found your real dad," Karma told Liam before asking, "Why didn't you share that with me?"

Liam claimed he hadn't been sure of their relationship status for awhile, causing Karma to again mention his hookup with her BFF Amy. She then decided it'd be better to take a step back and cool off until she was ready to deal, so she fled the match -- and that's when Zita stepped in and kissed Liam. This girl doesn't waste time, does she?

Meanwhile, Duke and Shane (aka Shuke) were seemingly stronger than ever, having finally declared their exclusivity and devotion to each other. Since this was the athlete's first big match -- and he was readying himself for more professional pressure -- he'd hired that new publicist to help him craft the perfect sporty image. But the PR maven's plans for Duke didn't include him openly dating a high school student. POOR SHANE.

The real deal-breaker: Never a big fan of closets, Shane flatly refused to be pushed aside to make way for a more sponsorship-friendly version of Duke. Moments before the match started, S accused D of trying to hide him from view; in a moment of rage, Shane accidentally let it slip that it had been him who publicly outed Duke against his will. Liam's BFF also finally admitted that he had been the one who caused Duke to lose his first sponsorship, seriously jeopardizing his career.

Alas, it was too much for Duke to take and, just like that, Shuke was no more. UGH! We're not crying -- it's just raining on our face.

Which of tonight's disappointing relationship outcomes hit your feels the hardest? Was it Liam and Karma's new complications with Zita or the truth finally separating Duke and Shane? Start venting in the comments, and see how all this shakes out on the next episode of “Faking It" on Monday night at 9:30/8:30c!