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John Legend Is Blessing 2016 With A Brand New Album

The 'All of Me' singer shared his advice for aspiring musicians, too.

Prepare yourself for a legendary 2016, because a new John Legend album is coming! (Haha, get it? Sorry not sorry.)

MTV News sat down with the "All of Me" and "Glory" singer on Wednesday night (Jan. 13) at AXE's Find Your Magic Launch Event in New York City. Legend was there to speak about his involvement with the AXE Collective, a mentorship program for aspiring musicians and filmmakers.

"Find your voice, your individuality, what makes your art different from that of others and it'll come from your story, your background, your interests," Legend said when asked about his advice for up-and-coming creatives. "Somehow you have to tell a story that's unique and interesting."

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Legend revealed his fifth album will arrive later this year, which is super exciting news given his last album, Love in the Future, came out nearly three years ago in 2013.

"[I'm] just in the studio working on my album, that's the main focus, and working with some really talented musicians and hopefully we'll make something beautiful," Legend said. "I think I'll be finished in the next couple months and then I'll probably put it out either summer [or] early fall. It will be this year for sure."

Fortunately you don't have to wait till the warmer months for new John Legend music. He's producing new music for "Underground," his 10-episode TV series premiering March 9 on WGN. (You can listen to the haunting intro music right here, right now.) The show follows a group of slaves who use the Underground Railroad to escape.

After that, you can catch Legend (and another new song!) in "La La Land," the upcoming musical dramedy starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. The movie, due out July 15, is a love story between a jazz pianist and aspiring actress. Legend plays the role of a musician who leads a band Gosling's character is in.

"It was great working with Ryan, great working with [director] Damien Chazelle, great working with Emma -- I didn't work with her that much, but I worked with Ryan quite a bit," Legend said. "It was a true pleasure learning from people who are so good at what they do."

Outside of music and acting, it's still going to be a very special year for Legend and wife Chrissy Teigen. Last December, the couple announced that they're expecting their first child, a daughter. D'awww!

"I feel like there's so much to teach them," Legend said about his future daughter. "[There's] so much world out there. I'm really excited to see how she takes it all in and hopefully I'll be a good guide and mentor for her."