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17 Times Nina Dobrev Lived Her Best Life After Leaving 'The Vampire Diaries'

Sometimes a good clean break is all you need.

Look. We know that this is hard to hear, "Vampire Diaries" fans, but it's time to finally admit that it's true: for Nina Dobrev -- who turns 27 on Saturday, January 9, btw -- leaving the show at the end of Season 6 was a good decision. Not because we don't miss Elena or anything, but because we firmly believe that she is happier now that she's spread her wings to fly like a Mariah Carey butterfly.

Need proof, those of you who are still mourning the loss of Delena? Why, look no further than the amazing travel and adventure photos she's been posting ever since May 14, 2015. From adventures in St. Tropez, Hawaii and more to film roles and so much more, here is all the proof you need that Dobrev is the happiest she's ever been:

  1. When she swam with the sharks.
  2. When she did handstands on the beach in Hawaii.
  3. When she found herself a new man.

    Nina hooked up with erstwhile "Dolphin Tale" star Austin Stowell in July. And they're adorable.

  4. When she took over New York City with ugly sweaters -- and Aaron Paul.
  5. When she successfully got her cat to wear a costume.

    This is a nearly impossible task, that cannot happen when one is suffering burnout from work.

  6. When she hung out with Daryl Freaking Dixon.
  7. When she borrowed Domhnall Gleeson's wig and became a bona fide ginger pixie.

    Nina is starring with everybody's favorite ginger up-and-comer Domhnall Gleeson in the upcoming comedy "Crash Pad." Apparently, her role in the film is "lady who steals her co-star's wigs."

  8. When she borrowed Anne Hathaway's wig and became an IRL unicorn.
  9. ... And also hung out with Anne Hathaway.
  10. When she returned to her family roots in freaking Bulgaria.
  11. When she went to see Taylor Swift and her squad with a badass squad of her own.
  12. When she hung out on a yacht in St. Tropez.
  13. When she rode a water slide off said yacht in St. Tropez.
  14. When she took a cross-country "gypsy" road trip with her pals.
  15. ... And of course, had the most fun.
  16. And finally, when she reunited with her "TVD" lady pals.

    Because sometimes, it is possible to come home again.