See Nina Dobrev's Transformation Into A Ginger Pixie

Don't worry, it's not real.

Nina Dobrev has been keeping busy since her departure from "The Vampire Diaries," but not so busy that she doesn't have time to try on a hot new lewk.

The actress had some down time while filming her new movie, "Crash Pad," and posted this pic from the set featuring a startling change of hair affairs -- in what will forever be known as the Ginger Pixie Incident of 2015.

That is, if we were ever going to speak of it again, which we are not.

"Prettttty sure I look better in Domhnall Gleesons hair than he does," Nina captioned the photo.

Huge sigh of relief: It's just a wig, set aside for the stunt double of famous redhead Domhnall Gleeson, who's starring in "Crash Pad."

And now that Nina's gotten this exploratory impulse out of her system, she can put the wig back where it belongs and never scare us like this again, ever. EVER.