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Nina Dobrev's Singing Skydiving Selfie Video Is A Must-Watch

2016 is clearly her year of living dangerously.

We're barely a week into 2016, but already this is Nina Dobrev's most adventurous year yet. Because not only has she swum with the sharks (and looked runway-ready fabulous while doing so, NBD), but she also went on a super scenic skydiving adventure.

Nina's New Year's vacation to Hawaii was a source of endless activity for her and her friends -- who clearly share her love of showing off with sick surfside yoga poses, by the way -- but the most exhilarating moment of all has to be that time she jumped out of a plane while belting out a damn decent rendition of "I Believe I Can Fly."

"I believe I can fly... I believe I can touch the sky. Because I did. Both," she wrote to caption the badass (albeit a little dizzying) video.

What we didn't see in that glimpse was the exact moment she launched from the plane, but yes, there were a few screams involved. Because HELLO, that's a terrifying thing to do. Luckily for us, though, Nina shelled out a video visual of that as well.

Between those clips and THIS spine-tingling shot of her surrounded by a gaggle of sandbar sharks ...

... We're starting to get the impression that Nina's resolution for this year was to find the edge and live on it for a while. More power to her!

Of course, Nina wasn't *always* in motion during her trip to the Aloha State. She was also snapped sitting back and enjoying the gorgeous view -- and her handsome company -- in this lush pic which she captioned, "Pretty good view from where I'm sitting.... Landscape isn't bad either."


2016 looks good on you, Nina. (Even if we're a little secondhand nervous about all these brave endeavors right now.)