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Justin Bieber's Camcorder App Videos, Ranked By Greatness

From covers to commentary, JB keeps it vintage-looking.

The Camcorder app allows you to film videos on your phone that look like old VHS-tape home movies you dug out of the attic from the mid-'90s. Celebs have had their share of fun with it, and perhaps none have gotten more interesting use out of it than Justin Bieber.

On Monday night, Vine musical virtuoso Rudy Mancuso (a heavy Camcorder user himself) posted a clip of him and Biebs jamming out in October. But run through the filter, the vid -- where Justin sings and Rudy plays piano and beatboxes -- looks ripped right from 1999 (or maybe 2004, given the wardrobe choices).

Rudy posted a longer one to Instagram last month.

This got us thinking about all the other Camcorder clips Justin has shared throughout the year, including the one where he played a breezy acoustic session with the app's founder, John Shahidi, who tapped along on his belly. They're all worth a look, but some are definitely better than others. Here's our ranking.

  1. "This app is dope."

    OK, sure. This one's just a test. But comparatively, it's just so basic. The rest are way cooler.

  2. The private jet jam

    "Sometimes it feels like the worlds on my shoulders," goes the caption, and the melody sounds like Eminem's "Hailie's Song," so that's probably what this is. And it's fine, but not as exciting as the others.

  3. The Floyd Mayweather exploration

    I'd watch a feature-length documentary, even if it was totally silent except for nature sounds.

  4. The poolside "Gravity" cover

    John Mayer would be proud. So are we.

  5. "Nothing Like Us" on piano

    The Believe Acoustic track saw new life when Justin belted it out on piano.

  6. The stomach percussion

    The most belly-ful collaboration of 2015 was also the most cryptic. Is Justin singing about his own life and relationships as he oozes out those deep acoustic chords? The world may never know. But the mystery lives on.