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Justin Bieber ‘Collaborates’ With A Dude’s Stomach

Justin jams a new song, but what is it about?

Of all the A-list acts Justin Bieber has teamed up with in 2015 -- an imposing roster that includes Diplo, Skrillex, Ed Sheeran, Halsey, Big Sean and Travi$ Scott -- there's barely any room left for another one. That's why his latest collaborator is both completely unexpected and, from the look of it, totally off-the-cuff.

In a series of videos Justin uploaded to Instagram early Wednesday morning (Nov. 25), the "Sorry" singer is barely seen but loudly heard jamming out on an acoustic guitar, just like the old days. Also present is a special guest who provides percussion via tapping on his stomach while lying down reclining (presumably after a pre-Thanksgiving dinner of some variety).

The belly-tapper is John Shahidi, founder of the Camcorder app, which warps videos shot today so that they look like they were shot on a camcorder in 1995 or thereabouts, complete with light tape-tracking errors at the bottom. It's all very random, but oddly hypnotizing.

The song Justin's playing doesn't sound like one of his new Purpose tracks, and fans in the comments are going a little crazy trying to figure out what it is. "One, two, three, four, five/ I just wanna, I just wanna spend the night/ With you, love," Justin sings in the fist video. "Don't worry bout nuthin," he captioned the second one, a line which he also sings.

But the third and fourth videos may provide the biggest lyrical clues.

Justin sings, "I'll take control/ I'll hold you close to me/ And I won't let you go/ And I got you back, babe/ And I won't let you [go]," prompting some fans to conclude it simply has to be about Justin and Selena Gomez getting back together -- a rumor fueled by Justin's recent serenading of her with "My Girl" at a Beverly Hills hotel.

All that is just noise right now. But one thing is clear: John Shahidi's belly taps really make the whole thing work.