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Jennifer Lawrence To Director David O. Russell: 'I'll Do Anything With You Until You Die'

Their newest film, 'Joy,' is out on Christmas Day.

Jennifer Lawrence and writer/director David O. Russell have made three movies together: the very good "Silver Linings Playbook" and "American Hustle," and the probably-very-good-based-on-the-trailers "Joy," which screened in New York and LA on Saturday.

But how far will their film partnership actually go? According to J. Law, they'll be together until the end -- the very end.

"I'll do anything with you until you die," Lawrence reportedly said at a Q&A session in New York, according to a tweet from New York magazine/Vulture senior editor Kyle Buchanan.

So, let's break that down. Russell is 57 years old, and he's made about eight credited feature films (though that number is disputable) since the late 1980s, so if he keeps it up at this pace, he could make eight more by the time he's 120 (because #science) -- and J. Law could star in them all! And then we could keep getting treated to golden, adorable red-carpet shots like this one of J getting some schmutz off D.R.'s face.

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Based on a pair of trailers that dropped over the summer and back in October, we already know how badass Lawrence's character is in "Joy." But because the Internet has rendered our collective long-term memory kaput, the film's latest TV spot is a good reminder.