'Real World' Reunion Shocker: Brian And Jenny Are Back Together! Smart Move?


Time heals all wounds, apparently.

After Brian's historic meltdown on the "Real World: Ex-Plosion" finaleJenny told her housemates she had no idea who her ex had become. For weeks, she'd watched any semblance of a relationship she had with Brian dissolve, and when he left the house for good in a hungover stupor, Jenny was happy to see him go. Flash forward to tonight's "Real World: Ex-Plosion" reunion, when the former couple announced they'd gotten back together, and that they were even shacked back up! What. The. Bleep.

As you might suspect, the lovebirds' "Real World" housemates weren't ready to throw them a party. After Jenny defended her renewed relationship by asserting that she and Brian had been through stormier weather, and that their love was strong enough to carry them through, Cory and Arielle couldn't hold their tongues. "I'm not about the fact that we can just dismiss the fact that you did slap him and kick him," Arielle said to Jenny. "Like, the fact that you guys have had far worse, like, that is actually concerning for me."

Jenny ultimately broke down and said she was committed to ditching her violent side, but do you believe it's enough? Watch the reunion clip, then tell us whether you're for or against the couple's reconciliation.

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