Jay Leads A Meeting To Decide Ashley's Fate In The 'Ex-Plosion' House [Sneak Peek]


Once upon a time in San Francisco, a house full of strangers-turned-friends voted to kick out their crazy roommate, Puck, for his increasingly erratic and destructive behavior. And now that "Real World: Ex-Plosion" has brought the show back to the Bay Area, history could repeat itself. In this sneak peek of the next episode, it seems that Drunk Ashley finally followed through on her threats to leave the house, but when she decides she wants back in (don't they always?), she puts her fate in the rest of the roomies' hands.

"I don't want to come home and anyone be mad about it," Ashley tells Jay over the phone, and then gives him the go-ahead to hold a house vote on her potential eviction. After rounding up the troops, Jay explains the situation. "[Ashley] wants to come back," he says. "She's not sure how everybody in the house feels about it, so it's up to us if we want her to come back or not." Jamie, who's certainly not Ashley's biggest fan, looks like Christmas has come early, while house harmony proponents Arielle and Jenny appear to have been punched in the gut.

+ So, do you think the group will let Ashley back in the house? Check out the clip, then leave your best guess in the comments!