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7 Things Ian Somerhalder Wants You To Know Before 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 7

Damon isn't the only one displaying a darker side this season.

With T-minus 36 hours 'til "The Vampire Diaries" returns for Season 7 -- its first Nina Dobrev-less go at southerly vampness -- Ian Somerhalder's still got just a few more things to say about what we should expect from the Mystic Falls gang.

So Mr. Smolderholder himself did a Facebook Q&A sesh on Monday (Oct. 5) night to answer some last-minute burning fan questions and in the process spilled a few essential need-to-knows about our supernatural pals.

  1. As expected, he'll be doing some "TVD" director stuff this season.

    Ian's behind-the-scenes set photo hinted as much, but now we can know for sure that he'll be stretching his director, erm, bone again this season which ... YAY.

    'Cause, yeah, this is working.

  2. And we should totally expect Damon's Season 1 badassness to be on full display again.

    We already know Damon's getting back to his sexy, badboy roots -- probably sans the crow transformation business, but still -- which means all the clever chiding and palpable tension is on its way to our hearts.

  3. But we still don't know whether he'll be *that* bad just yet.

    His kill count is nothing to be proud of, by any means, but maybe he won't worsen it in his return to old ways.

    Or maybe he will.

  4. Damon's not the only one getting dangerous again.

    He MIGHT be referring to Lily Salvatore's mini-army here, but that tortuous promo video is giving us a serious Caroline side-eye right now.

    Or, perhaps in a fit of rejection-based rage, Stefan goes full ripper again? It could happen.

  5. What he and Damon share in common IRL is only the cutest thing ever.
  6. But there might be some brotherly tension going down between Damon and Stefan in Season 7.

    Maybe we'll be able to determine once and for all who's the broodier brother?

    Our money's on Stefan here because man alive that guy can sad.

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  7. And shirtless Damon is obviously going to be a full-on staple of this year, so stay hydrated everyone.

    We've already gotten a juicy sneak peek at some of the nekkid Damon action we've been promised all summer, and it sounds like that two episode minimum is just a starting off point to negotiations.


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