Michael Tran/Getty Images

Try Not To Cry As Hailee Steinfeld Covers James Bay’s ‘Let It Go’

'I love myself...' but not as much as I love this beautiful cover.

Hailee Steinfeld’s music career may still be young, but it’s already off to a most intriguing start.

Let’s refresh: We first found out the actress could sing her butt off when she made her a cappella debut as a Barden Bella in “Pitch Perfect 2.” A record deal unsurprisingly followed, and her first and only single to date, “Love Myself,” proves she has the talent, spunk and star power to shake up the pop music game.

But lest you think Hailee can only deliver thumping, danceable and synth-heavy anthems like “Love Myself,” let her most recent performance prove you wrong. As we saw in her recent acoustic video for the single, the 18-year-old can deliver stripped-down stunners in a fashion that’s just as captivating as her hyped-up live performances.

Her latest such conquest? A tear-jerking take on Brit singer James Bay’s “Let It Go.” Bay’s version is beautiful — it’s part of the reason he earned a VMA Artist to Watch nomination — and Hailee does it justice by letting her impressive vocals take center stage. Accompanied by just a guitarist, Hailee sits in a twinkle-lit room, wearing the same kind of flat-brimmed hat Bay is famous for rocking on the regular.

I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying!