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Watch Hailee Steinfeld Get Empowered In Her Debut Performance Of 'Love Myself'

She loves herself, and we love her.

Hailee Steinfeld has officially arrived.

OK, actually, she probably arrived when she charmed the pants off of everyone in "True Grit" and landed an Academy Award nomination at age 13. Or maybe when she sang her way into our hearts in "Pitch Perfect 2."

Regardless of when she officially got here, it's very clear that Hailee is here to stay. The 18-year-old's debut single, "Love Myself," dropped as a warm, explosive anthem to self-love, and the gripping acoustic performance we saw last week made it even more powerful.

On Thursday night, though, Hailee gave the song its world-premiere performance at the Streamy Awards (pretty much "the Oscars of YouTube") and looked ridiculously empowering doing it.

That bodysuit. The intensity. Those bright flashes punctuating her choruses.

Hailee is here, people. And she's not going anywhere.