Matthew Simmons/Getty Images

'Zoey 101': Where Are They Now?

♫ Ooh, ooh. I know you see me standing here. ♫

If you've been living under a ginormous, soundproof rock for the past few days, you'll be happy to know that we finally (finally) found out what Zoey said about Chase on the "Zoey 101" time capsule episode. And since it's been 10 years since the show first debuted, we started wondering what the kids from PCA are up to now.

Oh, and we're going to go out on a limb and assume they're not still drinking Blix, texting on Tekmates or riding around campus on Jet-Xs.

So, where's the petition to bring "Zoey 101" back?! Also, GO FIND YOUR SOULMATE, JAMIE LYNN SPEARS. HE'S WAITING FOR YOU.