The Little Brother From 'Zoey 101' Grew Up, And Has The Voice Of An Angel

It seems like we were just sipping on Blix and riding Jet-Xs only yesterday.

The sole reason I'd go back to school would be if Pacific Coast Academy opened a grad school program. California beaches, HUGE dorm rooms and generally no rules, that's the life for me. The fake "Zoey 101" boarding school was every '00 kid's dream school. Well, one of PCA's students has definitely graduated, and is now, like, an actual adult.

Paul Butcher, who played Jamie Lynn Spears' younger brother Dustin, left PCA when the show ended in 2008. He's now 21 years young and went from an adorable kid to a complete hottie.




Hey-oooooo! Butcher Neville Longbottomed so hard. Since "Zoey 101," he's been a guest star on "Criminal Minds," a recurring star on "MyMusic" and will be on the TV show "Destiny 7," according to IMDb.


Paul Butcher on "Criminal Minds."

He's clearly living the life, chillin' with some familiar faces and giving us some seriously strong #LifeGoals.

But even better, he can sing. Really, really well. He uploaded these two videos to Instagram on Sunday, and we're hardcore swooning.


God bless puberty ?