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Lorde Made New Music With Disclosure And You Can Hear It Right Freaking Now

Preview Disclosure's entire album Caracal before it's out Sept. 25.

Disclosure's new album, Caracal, is out on Sept. 25, and from everything we've heard, it promises to be nothing short of spectacular. Lead single "Omen" is a straight-up JAM (complete with sultry Sam Smith vocals, because of course), and "Hourglass" has kept us pumped for weeks now.

But the most exciting aspect of the new album is the group's long talked-about, seldom-heard collaboration with Lorde. The Disclosure guys teased it to us after a listening party back in August, saying, "How she wanted to change every little bit and really be involved with the whole thing is really cool. It just reminded us to pay really close attention of every little piece."

Now, we don't have to wonder what the heck that actually means anymore. For the first time, we can actually freaking listen to what a Lorde + Disclosure tune actually sounds like -- thanks to Disclosure's Caracal-teasing video below.

In the cool video above, each collaborator on the album is sketched out (Lorde is the blue one, second in from the left on the bottom row), and you can click on them to preview their contributions to the album. Lorde and Disclosure's song, "Magnets," sounds like a real stomper, with her evasive voice interwoven with wavy electronics. "Let's embrace the point of no return," she sings.

Caracal also features songs with The Weeknd, Miguel, Gregory Porter, Lion Babe, Kwabs and more -- all of which you can preview individually or listen to as one gigantic mix. We'll do both, repeatedly, until next Friday.