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What Did Disclosure Learn From Lorde?

Plus, their new track is fire.

If you have a date this Friday night, the dudes of Disclosure -- along with sing/songwriter Kwabs -- have you covered with their new song, "Willing & Able."

"It's for people to dance to with their boyfriend or girlfriend," Howard Lawrence, one half of the duo, told MTV News. It's also just super smooth -- and Kwabs' deep, rich voice makes us wish it were time to go out already.

Kwabs isn't the only musician that the Lawrence brothers worked with on their upcoming LP, Caracal (out Sept.25) -- they've already released a song featuring Sam Smith titled "Omen," and they've also recorded with the likes of Lorde, The Weeknd, Miguel and more.

MTV News sat down with the dudes after a listening session -- I heard the Lorde track, "Magnet," and it's stellar -- to find out what they learned from their myriad collaborators. Check out the biggest lessons they gleaned below:

Sam Smith

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"I think the thing that I learned from Sam Smith is when you're thinking of an actual concept for a song, it's really important to pick one that everyone can relate to. For example, [our Lorde song], I think most people have been in a kind of situation where you like someone and you know you're not supposed to. That's quite a relatable thing." --Howard


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"Speaking of Lorde, I think just the attention to detail as well -- we already kind of do that, but to see it from a singer's perspective is really interesting. How she wanted to change every little bit and really be involved with the whole thing is really cool. It just reminded us to pay really close attention of every little piece." --Guy

Jimmy Napes

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"I don't necessarily do this with everything I write, but Jimmy 99% of the time comes up with the title of the song before he writes it -- because he thinks it helps you not only to get a concept and have a theme and maybe even [come up with] the words for the hook, but he always, in his life, takes note of things that would make a good song. There's a song on his EP and he says he had the name for it for 10 years and he only just wrote the song last year." --Howard

The Weeknd

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"Make sure you have really cool hair. To be honest, we already kind of knew this, but he made me appreciate how good it is to just relax in a session. We do so many sessions where we're under time restraints and Abel will just come and [makes relaxing noise]. That's why the song is so long." --Howard