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Here’s How J. Cole Stood Up For YG Following His Shooting

YG appreciates Cole for this.

After YG was shot in July, he was at risk of being kicked off J. Cole's Forest Hills Drive tour, according to both MCs. But that didn't end up happening thanks to Jermaine.

"We’re doing business with different types of people out here. They don’t know that world at all. That scares them," Cole explained during an interview with Sway's Universe on Thursday (Aug. 6). "Obviously, you’re gonna get people voicing their concerns, but I don’t believe in that.

"I’ve seen the way he moves," Cole added. "In my interactions with him, he’s not stupid...So I just had to really break it down to him and let him know, ‘People are expecting you to fail. So every decision you and your homeboys make will make that true or false.’”

YG echoed those comments and added gratitude during his own interview with Sway's Universe.

"When I got shot, they thought having me on this tour wasn’t the right move," he said. "I had to get $5 million worth of insurance to be on this tour. I had to get that. I know J. Cole was part of me staying on this tour because he told me, ‘I had to fight for you to keep you on this joint.’ So, I got a lot of respect for J. Cole because n——s ain’t doing that."

The Forest Hills Drive tour - which also features Big Sean - is slated to continue through August 29 when it comes to an end at Fayetteville, North Carolina.

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