Vogue Spain

See Kim Kardashian's Stripped Down, Makeup-Free Shoot For 'Vogue' Spain


Last week, Kim Kardashian revealed a totally makeup-free cover for Vogue Spain, and just when we thought her butt-baring shot was as revealing as she'd get, she surprised us with many (many!) photos from her super uncensored spread on Instagram.

TBH, we never seen our girl this dressed-down before, (her version of "all natural makeup" is bronzer and fake lashes, y'all) but man, we are L-O-V-I-N-G this stripped-down shoot of Kim chillin' in the Beverly Hills Hotel in her truly natural state. Is anti-fashion the new fashion? Kim's certainly making a strong case for it. I mean, this shoot even has it's own hashtag.

The spread, photographed by Theo Wenner, shows Kim in nothing but comfy, oversized pieces. Here, she poses in a sweatshirt and jeans in what Kim calls the most "favorite shoot I've done!"

She even dared to take her loungewear look outside. *bows down*

Kim said the photographer have her "no direction" and "just wanted to capture me being me!" <3

Dang, those clothes must smell good.

Here, Kim was casually "trying to nap as they were shooting," which looks, um, nothing like us when we nap. (See: open mouth and tons of drool.)

Seriously, what fabric softener are they using?

Between Kim and Rihanna, does this officially mean we can start wearing PJs IRL?

Yep, it's just Kim K creepily hangin' in the lobby. Move along.

Annddd here she is tying her own shoes because she's ~real~ like that.

OMG, is she recreating the Kermit tea meme?! We're officially dead.

And finally, Kim closes with the caption: "Imma let you finish but..." Perfection.