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This Is Kim Kardashian's Version Of 'All Natural' Makeup


Right before posting all of those adorable Father’s Day pictures to Instagram along with that very sly reveal of the gender of her second baby, Kim Kardashian also managed to give a sneak peak of those makeup tutorials she’s been talking about.

Kim captioned the first pic with “Shot a new make up tutorial for my website with @joycebonelli ~coming this summer~” Uh, someone needs to be the one to tell Kim that summer has officially been here for over 24 hours and ask her where these videos are.

In her second pic, Kim shows off an “all natural look” with her glossy nude lip and metallic eye, because that is how the queen of glam and makeup does natural.

Lest we forget that Kylie has also mentioned shooting makeup tutorial videos that were supposedly “coming soon” back in February. February. Call me impatient when it comes to these Kardashian-Jenner makeup vids, but it’s 2015 and I still don’t know how to contour.