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Kendall And Kylie Jenner Tell Us Which Family Member's Closet They'd Like To Raid Most

Hint: It's not Kim's.

Before the time they could even vote, Kendall and Kylie Jenner had already landed their own eponymous line at PacSun. Their self-titled collaboration has been going strong since 2012 and as their collections have grown stronger, so has their impact on fashion. Flip through any magazine and you’re guaranteed to see Kendall at least once. The 19-year-old model is not only the current face of Estee Lauder, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, and Calvin Klein, but she’s also a favorite of Vogue, Balmain, Givenchy, and Chanel, where she's become a runway staple. Kylie, meanwhile, holds down the beauty arena for her family, with her own hair extension line, an endorsement deal for an anti-wrinkle serum, and an enviable gift for doing her own makeup.

In between promoting those projects and their recent collaboration with Topshop, Kylie and Kendall found some time to talk about how their PacSun line started it all, the long climb upwards in fashion, and which family member’s closet they’d most like to raid.

MTV: Now that you guys have been working on collections for a while, has the process gotten easier? Which aspects of creating a line feel the most natural to you?

Kendall Jenner: Absolutely! Everything was extremely new to us when we started designing with PacSun two years ago. We were so young! It’s crazy to see where we initially started from and where we're at today.

Kylie Jenner: We’re so much more comfortable choosing things like prints and silhouettes. Anything that helps bring the collection to life with added details like catchy sayings or unique fabrics.

MTV: Where do you look for inspiration? Has that changed over the years? What have been some of the biggest surprises in working on collections?

Kylie: I would say that traveling has inspired everything from my personal style to our designs. Whenever we’re on the go, we meet such amazing people and find ourselves in the craziest places that help to shape our way of thinking and the creative processes behind these collections.

Kendall: I totally agree. I also look to the runways for inspiration. It’s still relatively new to me, but it’s fun to see some of these big ideas from designers trickle down and become everyday trends. I think that seeing our collection on our fans will never lose its appeal. Nothing makes us happier than seeing something you worked so hard on worn by people you love!

MTV: How do you feel about the reception to the lines? Obviously your fans love the line—do you feel like the fashion world has embraced you as designers as well?

Kendall: In the beginning, there was a lot to prove, but I think we have the hang of what we like and it’s reflected in our designs.

Kylie: Yep! We’re growing up and our styles are changing, but we feel a lot of support.

MTV: What are you most excited by in fashion at the moment?

Kendall: I think, now more than ever, fashion has made itself so accessible. You can literally log in to Instagram and see how people from all over the world create their own looks. It’s really inspiring.

MTV: Who is your favorite dressed family member?

Kylie: Love North’s closet! Wish we could have all of her clothes when we were growing up.

MTV: As style icons whose every outfit gets photographed, how do you deal with pressure to always look at your best?

Kylie: We really don’t like to overthink it. It usually comes down to whether I’m feeling my look that day.

Kendall: No fashion regrets!