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Kendall Jenner's New Shoot Proves 'Vogue' Is Officially Obsessed With Her

Three spreads in three months, y'all.

Is it just me, or is winner of the ultimate genetic jackpot Kendall Jenner everywhere lately? On top of her blossoming (a.k.a. SKY-ROCKETING) modeling career and new gig as the face of Estee Lauder, Kendall seems to have made a few friends over at Vogue–they just revealed yet another absolutely flawless spread starring Mz. Jenner. Like, does Anna Wintour have her on speed dial, or nah?

The spread, which was shot by Patrick DeMarchelier for their February issue, is the young supermodel's third appearance in Vogue in three months, which is pretty dang huge, y'all.


In it, she models "statement-making trousers" on the streets of NYC with–gasp!–bangs. As a lover of skinny jeans, she certainly is making a case for these wide-legged looks.


She posed the hell out of their December issue and popped up again in January to model some of the season's cutest cropped jackets. Is Vogue obsessed with Kendall Jenner? Well, if they aren't, I think I might be. I mean, who else could rock these culottes?!


Here's hoping all goes well and Kendall continues her streak into the mag's March issue. By that point it'll be time to bring out the swimsuits, and I have a feeling she'd totally be down to rock a furkini. Right? Right.