The Hidden Clue That Revealed -- Months Ago -- 'Carter' Has Another Brother

Looking back, Lori's revelation shouldn't have been such a surprise.

Yup, she did it again.

We'd totally suspected that Lori would pull yet another stunt during the summer finale of "Finding Carter," and girlfriend didn't disappoint. In the very last scene of this week's episode -- when the kidnapping mama was in court trying to win custody of Carter -- Lori's attorney introduced a handsome young witness named Benjamin Wallace.

"Would you please tell the jury your connection to the defendant?" the lawyer asked.

"Lori Stevens is my biological mother," Ben stated.

"And who, for the record, is your biological father?" the attorney continued.

Ben's reply: "David Wilson."


We'll admit it: While we fully expected Lori had more tricks up her sleeve, we never, ever suspected that her one-night stand with David may have produced a son. But guess what? At least one person did. And you may have too if you caught a subtle clue from a scene that aired earlier this season. Let's reminisce, shall we? It all went down when Carter attended the school fair with Crash and, in between carnival games and cotton candy, decided to visit a tarot reader. After the three sat down, the mystical medium began analyzing Carter's cards. Then...well, see for yourself:

Did you hear that? TWO brothers! And to think, Carter actually scoffed at the tarot reader, even telling the woman she "probably gives the same reading to everyone who comes in here." (Okay, we'll admit it: We always scoffed at tarot readers too. Until now.)

So tell us: Did you catch that "Finding Carter" clue, or were you totally caught off-guard -- like us! -- by Lori's latest revelation? Even more importantly, how do you think the bombshell will affect the Wilson family? Tell us all your theories in the comments section, and get ready for (much) more drama when "Finding Carter" returns in October!