5 Questions We NEED To Have Answered On 'Finding Carter''s Summer Finale

Because everyone needs a sense of closure.

As the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end. But not before we get some serious 411.

The summer finale of "Finding Carter" will air this upcoming Tuesday, and we're keeping our fingers crossed that it ties up some loose ends before we begin that loooong wait until new episodes arrive. Just what do we have on our mind? Here are the top five questions that we really, truly, totally NEED to have answered:

  1. Are Maxlor headed for another reconciliation?

    And you thought bullet wounds were bad: The couple ran into its biggest roadblock yet when Max did the deed with Carter, leaving Tay decidedly devastated. But on this week's episode, Maxlor kinda-sorta seemed like they might get back together. "I'm learning how to forgive, but it's hard," Tay told her on-again, off-again boyfriend. Max's reply: "Giving up on people doesn't change anything -- it doesn't make them better people. So don't give up on me, okay?" The look in Taylor's eyes hinted that she might just honor Max's request, and that means just one thing: Our "Team Maxlor" tank top won't go to waste this summer after all.

  2. What will become of Gabe?

    Don't mind us if we get a little emotional, because we still can't believe Kyle was killed in the line of duty. And tbh, we're super-worried about his son: Gabe was being raised solely by his police officer-dad, and he's still got his senior year of high school left before trekking off to college. Where will he live now, and who will be his daily support system? (Note to Abby: This question does NOT apply to you.)

  3. Will Bird nest with Madison?

    It was the romantic shocker of the year: Carter's old pal stormed into town and quickly won the party girl's heart. Before long, Mad was even crashing at Bird's pad, but will she stay? After Carter discovered the real reason her friend had visited -- damn that Lori -- the duo's friendship crumbled, leaving Madison feeling more than a little unwelcome. Sorry, Bird -- it might just be time for Maddy to spread her wings and fly.

  4. Will the Wilsons finally become the picture of domestic bliss?

    We're all familiar with the ups and downs of Carter's household: there were affairs and divorce proceedings, plus these lies, these lies, oh and these lies. How bad did it get? Grant packed his bags and sang this farewell tune. But now that Elizabeth and David have reconciled -- and Grant moved back from Gammy's -- could the Wilsons finally resemble that famous Norman Rockwell painting? Hey, stranger things have happened.

  5. What insane stunt will Lori pull next?

    The world became a safer place when Lori was finally apprehended this season: After kidnapping Carter (again!), she was locked up in a mental hospital. Even better, the Wilson twin seemed to finally wash her hands of her abductor, refusing to even read any of the letters Lori was sending. But then it happened: After Lori pulled yet another super-manipulative stunt, Carter visited her in the hospital and, in a moment of sheer vulnerability, admitted she still loved her. (*Insert groan here*). That just begs the question: Now that Carter opened the door a crack, what will Lori do to push her way back in? She's already proven she has plenty of tricks up her sleeve and frankly, we shudder to think of what she may come up with next.

What questions do YOU want answered on "FC"'s summer finale? Tell us in the comments, and be sure to tune in on Tuesday at 10/9c!