Pass The Tissues: Catelynn And Tyler Relive The Moment They First Laid Eyes On Baby Novalee

'I just instantly starting bawling,' the proud mama reveals.

Catelynn and Tyler highlighted almost every detail of their pregnancy with Novalee -- from the "yes" test result, doctors visits, readying the nursery, a grand gender reveal bash and a baby shower -- during this season of "Teen Mom OG," and during tonight's heartwarming episode, the longtime couple lovingly welcomed their "tootie" into the family fold. While most of the labor and actual delivery were kept private, the smitten parents paint a heartwarming picture of those remarkable first moments with their little girl in the "Teen Mom OG: Featured Moment" video below.

"I just instantly starting bawling, I don't know why," Catelynn says of meeting her bundle of joy.

"I was bawling my eyes out too," Ty quickly adds.

"It was amazing just to look at her, and you count every finger and all her toes," the proud mama continues. "You look at her hair."

But the duo can't help but compare those first few days to their experience with Carly back in 2009.

"It was just an amazing feeling, too, to be excited and be happy and to know, like, 'Wow, when we leave this hospital, we're going home with her.'"

To hear Tyler lovingly reflect on the differences between the couple's first and second pregnancies -- and to watch the duo divulge more details about the birth -- check out the clip below. Then share your thoughts about the emotional experience, and be sure to keep up with brand-new episodes of "TMOG" every Monday at 10/9c!