Small town sweethearts Catelynn and boyfriend Tyler chose adoption for their daughter Carly and the heartbreaking decision changed their lives forever. Their relationships with their families were destroyed by the choice but Catelynn and Tyler stood firm in their decision to give their child a life better than they could provide at 16-years-old and placed their daughter Carly with adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa. While their home lives crumbled before them, Catelynn and Tyler focused on moving forward together. They got engaged, graduated high school, enrolled in college and began planning a wedding. But only months before walking down the aisle, Tyler called off the wedding on national television while appearing on VH1’s reality show Couple’s Therapy.

Now, 6 years since we first met the small town sweethearts, things have drastically changed in their world. The pair are back on track for a wedding and find themselves pregnant with their second child! But when Tyler posts some pictures of Carly on the internet, they worry that their yearly visit and relationship with their daughter Carly will come into question.