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Jared Leto's Joker Look Is Fully Revealed And Now We'll Never Sleep Again

Wait'll they get a load of him.

Well, that's one way of celebrating the 75th anniversary of the most evil clown in the history of pop culture... After weeks (and maybe even months) of teasing out the reveal of Jared Leto as the clown prince of crime, The Joker, in his new incarnation in Warner Bros. "Suicide Squad," we finally got our first official glimpse -- and it is pretty much everything we ever dreamed it could be.

Before we get to the picture reveal, a brief history of how much they've teased this out:

  • It all started when Leto took his fabled manbun...
  • ...And turned himself back to the dashing Jordan Catalano we know and love.
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  • ...Which was just one step on the road to green hair.
  • Add in some red-rimmed, stay out all night eyes...
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  • ...And a sneaky shot from a paparazzi's lens...
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  • ...and you get...
  • The Joker

    Not to underplay this, but holy f--king s--t. Where Jack Nicholson had his take, and Heath Ledger his own indelible performance as Batman's arch-enemy, Leto looks like he stepped off the pages of a comic and into a prison...

  • The Dark Clown Returns
    DC Animated

    That's an image from DC's animated version of the classic Frank Miller "The Dark Knight Returns." It's rumored that just as Ben Affleck's take on Batman in "Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice" has been heavily influenced by this book, and though this first look doesn't have a, you know, shirt, so too has Jared Leto's Joker taken potentially taken from the page to screen. We'll have to wait to see just how influenced it is, but what a way to celebrate Mr. J's 75th. He doesn't look a day over 43! Which is how old Jared Leto is, FYI.

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