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OMG — This Is The Best Look At Jared Leto's Bright Green Joker Hair Yet

Also a preview of him in character. WAT.

While we were treated to our first look at Jared Leto's green Joker hair two weeks ago, we didn't fully understand how bright it was until he was spotted ~out in the wild~.

Pacific Coast News

While he covered his colorful 'do with a camouflage bucket hat, he didn't, um, exactly blend in (I'll be here all week with camo jokes, don't worry). Like, how do you even get your hair that bright? It's practically glowing. Pro tip: If you want your hair to appear as bright as possible, get rid of your eyebrows.

Pacific Coast News

Jared also showed his lunch companion a photo of his full Joker look, and while it's hard to see much, we can definitely make out that hair (duh), pale skin, exaggerated lips, dark sunken eyes, and a white suit with contrast trim.

While Suicide Squad just started filming, we are already counting down the days until we get to see Jared's green hair in all of its glory. Until then, we'll be wondering how he keeps it that bright—teach us your tricks, Leto. Please.