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See Jared Leto's Green Joker Hair In This New 'Suicide Squad' Set Pic

Complete with a 'Killing Joke' homage.

When director David Ayer posted the first photo of the "Suicide Squad" cast assembled together for the first time, one key player was missing: Jared Leto.

Leto, of course, plays the Joker in the new DC Entertainment movie, bringing Batman's number one nemesis to live-action life for the first time since the late Heath Ledger's legendary performance in "The Dark Knight." We've seen bits and pieces, teases and clues about what Leto's Joker will look and sound like… but his complete absence from Ayer's photo was mystifying. Where's this guy hiding, and why?

Well, turns out, he's not hiding at all. Here he is… with green hair.

Leto's transformation has been an incredible one to behold, from lopping off his long, brown locks, to dying his hair Draco Malfoy blonde, to shaving his eyebrows… and now, this, the green-haired coming-out party. What's more, we're seeing Leto in classic Joker form, as Ayer's new photo reflects one of the character's single most iconic images:

DC Comics

The cover of "The Killing Joke," one of the most famous Batman/Joker stories ever told. Written by Alan Moore, the comic sees Joker paralyzing Barbara Gordon through a gunshot wound, psychologically torturing her father Commissioner Gordon, and having what very well might be one final encounter with the Batman himself.

How much of "The Killing Joke" will we see in "Suicide Squad," be it in terms of actual plot points, or just the tone of David Ayer and Jared Leto's Joker? We'll find out definitively when the movie arrives next year, but we're sure to get many more teases all along the ride.