Age-Shaming Is Kind Of A Thing -- And Lorde Just Shut It Down

Age-shaming counts. Get it?

Age-shaming -- maybe it's not as hotly debated as fat-shaming or slut-shaming, but as more and more mockery is dished out to celebs who don't look their years, it's becoming pretty legit.

Lorde has been a definite victim of the trend and, in a recent Instagram caption, basically shut down naysayers who claim she looks older than she is.

"I am aware I look older than 12 guys," Lorde wrote next to a throwback Halloween photo from six years back in which she posed with pals. "Puberty came early."

Lorde's appearance has been the topic of much social conversation since she blew up with "Royals," with haters chiming in to claim that she looks much older than her 18 years. It was even famously lampooned on an episode of "South Park," in which the "Tennis Court" singer is actually Stan's dad in disguise.

And Lorde isn't the only one to get flack for not looking the age society deems she should -- just Google "Ariana Grande + Baby." Or, you know, look at all the hateful things people were saying about her relationship with Big Sean (who is, by the way, 27 to her 21).

In both cases, disbelief when it comes to age serves as a way to undercut talent: Lorde HAS to be lying about her age -- that's the only way she could be so amazingly talented. Ariana looks younger -- therefore she's incapable of making music or taking care of herself.

Sure, marveling that someone is actually the age they claim to be seems pretty benign (and even flattering to those getting up there in years) but, as evidenced here, it's just another subtle form of critique that's based not on talent or ability, but looks.