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Selena Gomez Is The Latest Star To Flawlessly Silence Her Body-Shaming Critics

This needs to stop.

Selena Gomez has silenced the haters.

After pictures surfaced of the singer in a bikini while vacationing with friends in Mexico, some people were quick to judge Selena's curvy figure, writing hurtful comments and honestly just being pretty disgusting.

Soon after, Sel posted a bathing suit photo on her Instagram -- looking gorgeous, might I add -- and captioned the photo, "I love being happy with me yall #theresmoretolove."

Seriously, what is going on with all this body-shaming lately? Why should these celebrities need to defend the way they look, because, honestly, they have the same problems we do. Their weight fluctuates, just like us; they take unflattering photos, just like us; they occasionally make poor fashion choices, just like us. But do you see them criticizing how you look? No.

Selena is just one in a long list celebrities that have been body-shamed in the recent weeks, but each of them have handled it like a pro. Here's proof.

Britney Spears

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Earlier this week Britney was performing a “Piece of Me” residency show in Las Vegas when someone had the audacity to call Godney a "fat b--ch." Brit kept her cool at first, but then turned her back and said, “F--king assholes” into her mic. Cue standing ovation now.


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Pink's weight came under attack after she attended the 30th Annual Odyssey Ball in Beverly Hills on Saturday, April 11, and in a perfect reply on Twitter, Pink shut down those haters, saying, "I feel beautiful." And she looks it too.

Kelly Clarkson

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It seems like quite a lot of people have something to say about Kelly's weight, but the "Heartbeat Song" singer has no time for that, telling her body-shaming critics, "We are who we are -- whatever size."

Ariana Grande

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Think Ariana doesn't see those nasty comments you post about her on Instagram? Think again. After Nicki Minaj posted a video of the two performing at the NBA All-Star game, one troll left a remark about the "One Last Time" singers booty, and she was having none of it. She posted her own thoughts asking the question: "When did it become socially acceptable to comment on what you think is ‘wrong’ with other people’s bodies?"

It's not socially acceptable at all. So for all of you out there that are doing it: It's time to stop.