Iggy Azalea Breaks Twitter Silence To Talk Upcoming Britney Performance And New Music

Wait, WHEN are you performing 'Pretty Girls' live? Tell us more!

Iggy's back! After closing down her Twitter and Instagram accounts earlier this year after calling the Internet "the ugliest reflection of man kind," Iggy Igg hopped back on Twitter on Tuesday.

Did mankind redeem itself since last month? Nope. She broke her silence to download a lot of information to her fans, covering everything from the sessions for her new album to the secret stories behind "Fancy" and her new Britney Spears collabo, "Pretty Girls."

"Hi just wanted to come online and tell you all how extremely excited iam for Pretty Girls to be released & that we are going to perform it 2," she said. Now, she didn't tell us where or when they're going to perform it, but news is news.

Luckily for us, she also answered a fan's questions, clarifying the music biz shuffle that explains how Little Mix managed to get a songwriting credit on "Girls," even though production team The Invisible Men wrote it along with Ig.

No shade, though.

BTW, "Fancy" was pretty much the same story. In case you were wondering. (Looking at you, Skeme.)

Then the good news/bad news. She's still mostly staying away from social media, but will be doing a once-a-month Twitter chat with fans to keep them updated.

Oh, and she's still grinding away on her new album and "things are going good" so far.