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Here's Why Iggy Azalea Left Twitter Last Night

Honestly, I don't blame her.

Iggy Azalea left Twitter on Wednesday night after a brief rant about how "The Internet is the ugliest reflection of man kind there is."

Well, Iggy, I don't blame you.

According to her tweets, the Australian hitmaker returned from vacation only to find that the paps had been snapping pictures of her the whole time. TMZ even posted an awful video where their staffers sit around comparing her vacation butt to her other photos. What kind of place is this? Also, it's 2015. Haven't they got the memo that it's not cool to shame people's bodies and analyze women's asses?

Yes, one may argue that being followed by the paparazzi comes with the territory of being a famous person, but, no, no one should have their privacy ignored. When Iggy goes on vacation, she should be able to escape from all that. As she says, "Everyone deserves peace."

If this is making you angry -- it's certainly getting to me -- then imagine how Azalea must feel. And constantly fighting people just to live your own life must get exhausting. Sometimes you just have to shut out the hate.

Unfortunately, shutting out haters also means shutting down a connection with fans. Twitter has always served as a way for musicians to talk to their fans and hear what they're saying. Luckily for Iggy, she's going on tour soon, and she'll have her Azaleans in close proximity.

Iggy doesn't exactly have the best history with Twitter, getting in scuffles with celebs like Azealia Banks and Q-Tip. She still may tweet from time to time, using her initials (like the president does with the White House account), but for now, she'll let her people handle it.

We're going to miss you online, Iggs, but we couldn't understand more.