Colin Douglas Gray / MTV

2 Chainz Smoked Some Very Expensive Marijuana And It Caught Nancy Grace's Attention

What's good with round two of that debate?

No matter what Nancy Grace says, it's pretty obvious that she has a soft spot for 2 Chainz.

The Atlanta rapper appeared on her show in January to debate the legalization of marijuana and although they completely disagreed with each other, they were still on friendly terms afterwards.

2 Chainz won the Internet with that performance, with Twitter unanimously deciding that he defeated Grace, but they both seemed open to round two. But before that happens, Nanzy Grace is still talking a little bit of smack.

On a recent episode of GQ's web series "Most Expensivest Sh-t," 2 Chainz enjoyed one of the world's most expensive joints -- marijuana that cost $800 an ounce, wrapped in 24-karat gold -- and, of course, Grace had some thoughts about this.

"$800 for an ounce of Loud? Really? That alone should be a felony — the 24-carat gold paper is definitely an aggravating circumstance!" she told Rolling Stone.

"The caviar of joints? For someone as smart and educated as 2 Chainz, this video is even more ironic. 2 Chainz won't allow his children to have caffeine: not even a soda. (P.S., I don't either.) Wait until his children spot this video on the Internet. Explain that, Daddy!"