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2 Chainz Vs. Nancy Grace, Round 2? It Could Happen


Viewers seemed to have a lot of fun watching 2 Chainz calmly debate Nancy Grace about marijuana legalization earlier this week, and it seems like the HLN host had a blast, too, because she wants a rematch. Either that, or the show got strong ratings. Or she thinks she got bested by Tit.

Regardless, she definitely wants a rematch.

"@2chainz you are hereby challenged to a rematch! #pot2blame?" Grace tweeted on Thursday, including the hashtag that was emblazoned on screen during the initial segment.

The rapper hasn't yet responded, but while we wait, we can revisit their first verbal volley.

Chainz was adamant about his belief that marijuana should be legalized, while the show's host was unconvinced, and cited video of a parent letting their toddler smoke as an example of why.

“With the legalization of alcohol, you will find some footage like this but everybody is not doing this," he responded. "Some people actually love their child. Some people know that it’s obviously wrong. So, this is nothing to really argue about. These people are obviously imbeciles. You can’t use this case to define an entire community.”

Check out their first go-round below.