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Ariana Grande Teases 'Scary' 'One Last Time' Video: 'It's A Little On The Edge Of Your Seat'

And it's Big Sean approved!

Arianators get ready because Ariana Grande's music video for "One Last Time" will not only scare you, but will leave you "on the edge of your seat."

Intrigued? Well, you should be. Ariana gave us a :15 second teaser of her Max Landis-directed music video, which drops on Sunday (February 15). In it, a series of news anchors report that the earth is on a collision course with the comet Eurydice's tail.

Basically, the apocalypse is coming, and its frightening.

While on the Grammy red carpet Ariana gave us a few more details about how the video, which she calls "unique" and "brave," came together.

"It's very unique, it's very different, I called Max [Landis] up and I said 'hey I want to do something that ends exactly like this' and I described the ending shot to him and then I said I also want it to be [a] one take [music video]... and I want the ending shot to look like this," Ariana said. "And I described those two things to him and he's like, 'wow, that's ambitious and it's brave and it's different, but let's try it.'"

Max wasted no time bringing Ariana's ideas to life, which he teased include a catastrophe that has "not been featured in film before."


"A day later he came back to me with, like, the coolest concept ever and he killed it and it's very different," she said. "I'm very nervous about it because it's so unique and weird and I feel like brave and different, but it's exciting."

Someone else that's excited about the video is Ariana's boyfriend, Big Sean who told us that he's already seen a cut and that "you're going to be happy."

"It's kind of scary. It's a little on the edge of your seat," Ariana said before Big Sean added, "It's not scary, it's exciting, at least to me."