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14 Times Ariana Grande And Big Sean Were Too Adorable To Humanly Process At The Grammys

BigGrande forever.

Sorry, Rihanna and Blue Ivy, but a new cutest couple at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards has emerged. From their red carpet cuddling to their backstage kisses, Ariana Grande and Big Sean were almost too cute to humanly process tonight, and these 14 photos, videos and GIFs prove it.

  1. Big Sean and Ariana Grande showed up to the Grammys looking like prom king and queen.

    And Sadie Hawkins Dance viscount and countess. And Pumpkin Harvest Festival Homecoming archduke and duchess. All the dances. All the titles.

  2. MTV News caught up with BigGrande on the red carpet to ask them why they're so cute.

    And by that, I mean real questions.

  3. After Ryan Seacrest asked Ariana if she was nervous to be at the Grammys...

    ...Sean had her back, saying "she handles it well."

  4. Ariana really appreciated it.
  5. ~~**~*BigGrande 4 EvAaAaAa*~*~*~
  6. I mean it.
    MTV | Gavin Alaoen
  7. When Sean whispered something in Ariana's ear.
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    "You are p cool."

  8. Then Ariana kissed him on the face.
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  9. And wiped off her lipstick.
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  10. And was all, "Lookathat faaaaaaaaaaace."
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  11. And then there was the time Sean stopped posing so he could admire his amaaaazing girlfriend.
  12. Ariana may or may not have dedicated her "Just A Little Of Your Heart" performance to Big Sean.


  13. And afterward, Sean tweeted: "Ari killed that sh-t today!"

    "I love u baby, congrats."

  14. And let's close with this backstage kiss.