True Life: I Got Super Dressed Up, Went To The Grammys Red Carpet And Hung Out With Kim And Kanye

Pro tip: Ariana Grande and Big Sean are the cutest couple ever.

In my time here with MTV News, I've been asked to cover a lot of exclusive red carpets -- The VMAs, MTV Movie Awards, The Oscars -- but I've never had the chance to attend the Grammys until this past weekend, and I couldn't have been more excited.

I hopped on the plane to LAX (yes, that's a "Party in the USA" reference) and spent my first few days in Los Angeles prepping for interviews and telling myself that I had to keep my cool if I found myself in the presence of Beyoncé.

Unfortunately that didn't happen, but lots of interviews did! It was, like most carpets, hectic, fun and very very hot. Here's an inside look at what it's like to talk to celebrities up close and personal from my very first Grammys red carpet.

  • Glammin' It Up For The Grammys

    No time to sleep in on Grammys day! Since I don't wake up like this, hair and makeup came by my hotel at 8:30 a.m. to start getting me ready for the big event. Here's a sneak peek at my shoes, dress and accessories.

  • Hitting The Carpet

    After getting a bit lost on the way to the Grammys venue and walking way more than I wanted to in my heels, we made it to the red carpet! It's an enclosed carpet with gorgeous chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and Grammy awards enclosed in cases along the carpet. Also, I'm kind of obsessed with my dress by Mac Duggal -- it felt fun, flirty, a little Britney-inspired and a perfect fit for these awards.

  • The Perfect Co-Host

    I wasn't tackling this red carpet alone; I had my fabulous co-host Todrick Hall with me, who, like me, was also at the Grammys for the very first time. Can we all take a moment for his Moschino suit. #flawless.

  • Let The Interviews Begin!

    The red carpet for the Grammys opens at noon PST and doesn't close until 4:30 p.m. Yes, that's four and a half hours on your feet, so it's safe to say my toes will never be the same. Also, since it's enclosed and there are so many people walking around it gets hot... like really hot. So things may look glamorous, but I promise you, I was melting in a pool of my own makeup.

  • Sam Smith Is A Walking Angel

    No joke, four-time Grammy winner Sam Smith is just as perfect as he seems. He's humble, funny and, unlike the rest of us, hates the sound of his own voice.

  • The Perfect Couple
    MTV | Gavin Alaoen

    We knew that we were getting an interview with Ariana Grande, what we didn't know is that Big Sean would be accompanying her, so when she walked up arm-in-arm with her man we were pleasantly surprised. She kept saying she was a bit nervous, but he calmed her nerves and couldn't help but tell us how proud he was of his girlfriend. Seriously, these two are love personified.

  • Rick Ross Really Is A Boss

    No one is cooler than Rick Ross. No one. He showed up like a boss wearing this fabulous blue suit jacket and revealed that the most famous person he's ever kissed was his mom. Awwww.

  • Baby Bash Steals The Show

    I wasn't ready for a cuteness overload, but I'm so glad it happened. On the red carpet we have talent coordinators who help secure interviews, so they told us that Wiz was on his way. As he was coming towards us we noticed that his adorable son, Sebastian, was in tow. Bash was getting a bit inpatient that his dad wasn't giving him his attention so he decided to join us for the interview and of course, stole the spotlight. He tried playing with our lights, took the microphone to interview his dad and may have tried to steal Todrick's cell phone case. Hands down most adorable moment of the night.

  • RIP Me

    When Kimye hit the red carpet it was technically closed, so I wasn't expecting the power couple to stop for an interview, but lucky for us, Kanye was in the mood to talk. Their publicist was trying to get them inside since the show was about to start, but I overheard Kanye say that he wanted to do some more interviews to show off Kim's dress, which had everyone on our team screaming "Yasssss." Kanye was beyond nice, smiling, laughing and completely lit up when I asked about Kim's new cut.