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Sam Smith Hates His Voice, Unlike Everyone Else Ever

Watch the Grammy winner's surprising red carpet revelation.

Everyone loves the sound of Sam Smith's voice. It's science. I learned it in a science class.* But apparently, Sam Smith missed the memo.

MTV News caught up with the "Lay Me Down" singer at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday (Feb. 8), where he revealed that he's not so crazy about his own voice -- well, his speaking voice at least.

When MTV red carpet correspondents Christina Garibaldi and Todrick Hall countered that his speaking voice was actually "smooth and butter soft," Sam explained: "It's 'cause I'm English. American people like English people, right? In England, my voice is horrible."

Wait, so Sam Smith's voice actually sounds awful, and the only reason I can't tell is because I'm American.* Hmmmmm.

*citation needed