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Julian Edelman Still Celebrating Super Bowl, Raged With Harvard Students

Ivy League kids got an education in patriotic partying.

The New England Patriots are still milking this championship honeymoon for all it's worth. After partying with hip-hop royalty in Arizona following the Super Bowl, then doing WWE-level trolling of the Seahawks at the championship parade in Boston, Julian Edelman and possibly some of his teammates showed Harvard students what it means to party like a star.


According to a tip BroBible received, one of Harvard's Final Clubs threw a party last week and a few Patriots stars were in attendance. Edelman and co. apparently showed up around 2 a.m., at which point a bevy of photos surfaced showing Edelman raging with co-eds.

Among the tall tales shared from the night: Edelman broke a chandelier (Sia is not impressed), Edelman showed girls his ripped abs...and, um, Danny Amendola may or may not have broken a girl's arm. According to some accounts, the accidental injury happened after he obliged a female party-goer who challenged him to an arm wrestling match. But other accounts say he wasn't even at the party, so this part of the legend may just be legend.

So how'd this super turnt night come together? In the most Harvard way possible, according to the tipster: "Some guy in the club knows some sports agent or his dad is some agent and every once in a while some athletes come by."

Once they got the Pats hookup, the Social Club that shall remain nameless but that can definitely be identified by anyone who has seen "The Social Network" reportedly invited sorority sisters from Boston University. Word inevitably spread, but supposedly there was a pretty tight guest list. Turns out those Harvard kids know how to get lit.

Oh, and no next-morning photos of Julian Edelman emerged, so lesson learned it seems.