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Club Promoter Slut-Shames Girl Who Posted The Julian Edelman After Sex Selfie

You should never kiss and tell on Tinder, but this girl doesn't deserve the hate.

After the New England Patriots' improbable comeback victory in Super Bowl XLIX, it's not hard to imagine that the celebration was turnt all the way f--king up when the team got back to Boston. And while most people may have been expecting tall tales about Rob Gronkowski to dominate the sports gossip world, it was wide receiver Julian Edelman who unwittingly went viral, after a woman snapped what she claimed was an after sex selfie with Edelman asleep in bed next to her and posted it on Tinder with a very conspicuous caption.

Sabrina became so infamous in the days following the post that she deleted her social media accounts, according to The Heavy. But it was too late — in an extreme case of slut-shaming, Boston nightclub promoter Michael Winter put a rant on Facebook blacklisting her from Boston's clubs and trying to run her out of town (and insulted her in the process).

"In many years I haven’t BLACK LISTED anyone from the nightclubs," he wrote. "YOU ARE BLACK LISTED '86’d' so stay in Metro West. Putting Edelman on Blast during celebration.... Btw you’re a 5 if that and he was blackout. I’m sure I speak on behalf of many Boston Industy ppl to not show your face in this city."

What a jerk. You know that if some Boston dude posted an after sex with a female celebrity, this same club promoter would be buying him drinks the next night. Neither situation is the right thing to do. Keep your after sex selfies to yourself. But this still feels like a double standard.

Rightly, the vitriolic post got its own round of backlash, and the International Business Times reports that Winter eventually apologized with the classic "Sorry if I offended people" excuse on Facebook. But also, like, there was no way to actually enact this ban! Not unless every bar and club owner in the city got on board and trained every bouncer to be able to identify her.

As for Sabrina, she feels remorse for kissing and telling in the most millennial way possible. She spoke to TMZ, saying, "He passed out and I was bored I guess. I was drunk...and I made a mistake and I feel terrible about it."

But she has no plans on heeding that supposed ban from Boston nightlife. "I have friends who work there who say I’m still welcome," she told the site. "I don’t know if I’ll go out anytime soon – but that’s MY choice."

Let this be a lesson for anyone who claims to have bedded a famous person: leave the bragging to real life. Nobody will believe you, sure, but at least you won't invite the scorn of an entire rabid fandom.