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Katy Perry Gives The People What They Want: Pizza Earrings

And, like, a billion other food-themed accessories.

Junk Food Queen Katy Perry isn't exactly living proof of the adage, "You are what you eat." But she does embody another kind of philosophy—"Wear what you eat." And, fittingly, that is the exact principle her latest round of merchandise for Claire's is based upon. Maybe Katy was taking influence from her BFF Jeremy Scott, known lover of junk food and the designer behind her Super Bowl outfits, when she teamed up with the mall retailer on this line?


Just like Scott's much-talked about debut line for Moschino, there are fast food-themed phone cases: ones shaped like popcorn, hot dogs, burgers, pizza (a food she's shown her love for before), macarons, and birthday cake, which also happens to nod to her song that gave us one of the most mouth-watering lyric videos of all-time.

In case (heh) you're not ready to trade in your phone case just yet, you can also grab inventive jewelry interpretations of those foods.


There's a popcorn ring with faux pearls, a blinged out pizza necklace with matching earrings, a cheeseburger necklace, cupcake earrings, and, if you love all of those foods equally, a buffet of a charm bracelet.


But the real highlight, if you're not a vegetarian, has to be the burger glasses.

There's also a handful of non-food themed pieces if you're looking for something a little more, uh, understated. But, IMO, I'd go with what Katy Perry does best—a theme.

You can check 'em all out at Claire's.