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Snoop Dogg Goes Marshawn Lynch When Asked About Suge Knight Arrest

He'd rather focus on the Snooperbowl.

Due to their legendary work together, Snoop Dogg will always, in some ways, be linked to Marion "Suge" Knight. While they haven't always been on great terms, they did work together to build one of rap’s most powerful labels of the 1990s in Death Row Records. However, when Snoop was recently asked to comment on Knight’s high-profile arrest, he opted not to.

"I had to get Marshawn Lynch on you,” he said to Associated Press when he was asked about Knight on Friday (January 30). Of course, Snoop was referencing Marshawn's famous anti-interview stance, which even Katy Perry tried to copy.

Perhaps the Doggfather was silent because his attention is more focused on Snooperbowl 2015, an annual youth football event that he hosts. The Snooperbowl is actually being held today at a Phoenix area high school near where the Super Bowl is scheduled to take place Sunday.

Last year, Ronnie Hillman, a member of the Denver Broncos and a former player in Snoop’s youth league, actually made it to the big game. But Hillman isn’t the only star that’ll come out of Snoop’s league, according to Dogg. "They're coming out left and right,” he explained.

Snoop will get to continue focusing on football as he helps his son navigate NFL dreams in their new ESPN show.