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Watch Katy Perry Get Sassy AF At Her Super Bowl Press Conference

'I'm just here so I don't get fined.'

There have been a ton of craaaazay stories surrounding Sunday’s Super Bowl, including but not limited to: Kim K.’s selfie-filled commercial, a freakishly psychic porcupine, and, of course, Deflategate.

But, never one to be outdone, soon-to-be Halftime Show Goddess Katy Perry made sure that she was the hot topic of convo today by setting off some “fireworks” during her pre-show press conference and dishing out some sassy AF burns.

Right off the bat, she opened with the deadpan zinger, “nothing in my performance will be deflated.”



Then she joked about the Patriots’ resident comic Rob Gronkowski belting out a few bars of “Roar” earlier this week, saying, “We’re in negotiations for him to be my opener for the rest of my tour.”



And for her final and most zing-alicious trick, Katy uttered the world’s most flawless response when a reporter asked her if she’s crushing on any NFL hotties.

“I’m just here so I don’t get fined,” she coyly replied.



Katy’s perfectly coy response was clearly referencing Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, who coined the phrase heard ‘round the world when he used it as his answer for every. single. answer. during Super Bowl Media Day earlier this week.

Lynch was fined for a whopping $50,000 by the NFL last season because he refused to talk to the press, and clearly his affinity for the cold shoulder hasn’t warmed him up one bit.

The media-savvy Ms. Perry, on the other hand, certainly seems to know a thing or two about charming reporters’ pants off. Well done, Katy.


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