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Iggy Azalea Isn’t The First Woman To Be Targeted By Eminem–See The List

Shady has a long history of doing this.

This week Eminem got under Iggy Azalea's skin when he directed a controversial lyric about rape towards her. She snapped back at him on Twitter, calling him an "old man," but clearly she's not the first female star to feel his wrath. Below, are a list of women he's sunk his fangs into. If we're missing any great ones, drop a note in the comments below.

Christina Aguilera

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On "The Real Slim Shady," Eminem went for Christina's neck, after she made a harmless joke about him on an MTV show.

"Christina Aguilera better switch me chairs so I can sit next to Carson Daly and Fred Durst, and hear 'em argue over who she gave head to first," he rapped. "You little bitch, put me on blast on MTV: 'Yeah, he's cute, but I think he's married to Kim, hee-hee!' I should download her audio on MP3 and show the whole world how you gave Eminem VD."

But don't worry, eventually they made nice and she even attended the premiere of "8 Mile."

Norah Jones

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It's not just mainstream artists that Em targets. On 2003's "The Conspiracy," he aimed at Norah Jones, rapping, "What the f--k is going on? Who the f--k is Norah Jones?/ Shady wait a minute, baby, leave the wh--e alone/ Just go up there and be humble and take them awards home."

Who knows if Norah Jones even heard this line.

Lady Gaga

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In 2011, Em got at Gaga on "A Kiss," rapping, “Tell Lady Gaga she can quit her job at the post office/ She’s still a male lady.”

Her response? Radio silence.

Miley Cyrus

On Relapse's "Underground/Ken Kaniff," he directed a couple lines at one of pop's reigning princesses.

"Six semen samples, 17 strands of hair found at the back of a van after the shoot at Vanity Fair/ Hannah Montana, prepare to elope with a can opener and be cut open like cantaloupe on canopy beds," he spit.

Miley clearly has a sense of humor. Shortly after the album was released, she declared that Eminem "is a living legend," on Twitter.

Khloe Kardashian

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Being a reality TV star leaves you wide open to this kind of criticism. On 2013's "Berzerk," Khloe Kardashian made Em's sh-- list.

“All I know is, I fell asleep and woke up in that Monte Carlo with the ugly Kardashian/ Lamar, oh, sorry yo, we done both set the bar low.”

Khloe didn't respond.

Kim Kardashian

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And, of course, the most famous Kardashian of them all, got her own shout out on “We Made You."

"Damn, I think Kim Kardashian's a man/ She stomped him, just 'cause he asked to put his hands on her massive gluteus maximus again/ Squeeze then squish it and pass it to a friend."

Kim was honored by this -- duh. "I just saw Eminem's new video for 'We Made You' and he totally spoofs me!!", she wrote in a blog post. "It was a total surprise to me because I had no idea he was going to talk about me in the song. I think this video is so funny! I am a huge Eminem fan and find it flattering that he would rap about me."

Lindsay Lohan

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On the same Relapse track, it sounded like Eminem wanted to give Lohan a compliment by insulting her then-girlfriend, Samantha Ronson.

"He does not mean to lesbian offend, but Lindsay, please come back to seeing men," he rapped. "Samantha's a two, you're practically a ten/ I know you want me girl, in fact I see you grin."

The actress didn't harbor any ill will, because a year later she shared a photo of herself playing Eminem's Recovery track "Talkin' 2 Myself," and explained that she really relates to it.


This one is pretty laughable since Rih and Em are pretty much frequent collaborators at this point. But on 2009's "Medicine Ball," he playfully rapped, "I'll pee on Rihanna/ See man, I'll do what I wanna."

"Love The Way You Lie" followed just a year later, and this summer they even teamed up for a joint run on The Monster Tour.

Jessica Alba and Jessica Simpson

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On "We Made You," Eminem took shots at both Jessicas. He specifically sent a message to Alba's husband, Cash Warren, rapping, "Man Cash, I don't mean to mess with your gal but/Jessica Alba put her breasts on my mouth (blup!)."

Jessica Simpson was referenced lightly on the chorus, but, she seemed to be the most annoyed, according to one of her friends.

Britney Spears

This is one of Eminem's classic, early diss lines. In 2000 he snapped at America's sweetheart, Britney Spears, on "Marshall Mathers."

"These f---king brats can't sing and Britney's garbage/ What's this bitch, retarded? Give me back my sixteen dollars." Clearly, he wasn't a fan.

Britney still was a fan though, she later called him "a genius" on her reality show.

Mariah Carey

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Eminem claimed that he dated Mariah for a minute, but she flat out denies it. His lyrics on “Bagpipes From Baghdad" sent her and husband Nick Cannon up a wall, and when she responded on "Obsessed," he really went in on "The Warning."

“Oh gee, is that supposed to be me in the video with the goatee?," he rapped. "Wow Mariah, didn’t expect ya to go b—s out./ B—h, shut the f— up before I put all those phone calls out/ You made to my house/ When you was wilding out/ Before Nick, when you was on my di–.”

Honorable mentions also include Pamela Anderson on "The Real Slim Shady" and Lana Del Rey during his recent "Shady CXVpher”