Eminem And Rihanna Kicked Off Their Monster Tour: Here’s Their Set List

They hit fans with 50 tracks on opening night.

PASADENA, CALIFORNIAEminem and Rihanna kicked off their anticipated Monster Tour at the Rose Bowl Stadium on Thursday night, and they didn’t cut corners when it came to dropping gems from their catalogs. If we counted correctly, they hit 50 tracks over the course of the night. Yes, 50 songs. Check out their set list below.

Act One
For the first few songs of the night, Em and Rih hit the stage together to perform:
1. “Numb”
2. “No Love”
3. “Run This Town/Renegade”
4. “Live Your Life”
5. “Crack A Bottle”
6. “Won’t Back Down”

Act Two
Shady took a little breather, while Rihanna went solo for almost an hour:
7. “What Now”
8. “Phresh Out the Runway”
9. “Birthday Cake”
10. “Talk That Talk”
11. “Rude Boy”
12. “What’s My Name?”
13. “Pour it Up”
14. “Cockiness”
15. “Man Down”
16. “You Da One”
17. “Wait Your Turn”
18. “Jump”
19. “Umbrella”
20. “All of the Lights” (snippet)
21. “Rockstar”
22. “Where Have You Been”
23. “Stay”

Act Three
After reuniting briefly for “Love the Way You Lie,” it was Eminem’s turn to rock the Rose Bowl Stadium:
24. “Love the Way You Lie”
25. “3a.m.”
26. “Square Dance”
27. “Business”
28. “Kill You”
29. “Evil Deeds”
30. “Rap God”
31. “Marshall Mathers”
32. “Just Don’t Give A F–k”
33. “Criminal”
34. “The Way I Am”
35. “Airplanes” (with Rihanna)
36. “Stan”(with Rihanna)
37. Sing For the Moment
38. “Toy Soldiers”
39. “Forever”
40. “Berzerk”
41. “Till I Collapse”
42. “Cinderella Man”
43. “My Name Is”
44. “The Real Slim Shady”
45. “Without Me”
46. “Not Afraid”

Act Four
Rihanna joined Eminem on stage to close out the night with:
47. “Diamonds”
48. “We Found Love”
49. “Lose Yourself”
50. “The Monster”

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