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Austin Mahone Takes A Turn For The Bedroom On 'Places': Listen

'Got you screaming out oh-oh-oh-oh.'

Did somebody order 4-million bar mitzvahs? Because Austin Mahone is in 100-percent, full-grown man mode on his new song, "Places."

Listen to Austin Mahone's "Places" below, and download the track for free off of his SoundCloud page here.

After teasing a surprise on Twitter all day Monday (October 27), the "Secret" singer finally revealed the track he'd been sitting on for who knows how long. Co-written with his bud and frequent Instagram co-star, Robert Villanueva, "Places" showcases a more R&B-leaning sound from the young pop star.

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It's also decidedly more, uh, mature than the tracks on his debut EP, The Secret. And by that, I mean that Austin gets straight down to business this time around. Sexy, sexy business OK I think you get it.

"Patience, girl I know I been gone, I been on the road (I'm comin' home)/ I know that you been waiting stuck in a small town, and you're feeling all alone." How does Austin make it up to her? Let's just say he's got her "screaming out oh-oh-oh-oh."

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