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Wanna Know Austin Mahone's 'Secret'? Watch This

The 'MMM Yeah' singer's new video captures life on tour.

So, what's Austin Mahone's secret? Was he born with webbed feet? Is he secretly obsessed with Dump Cakes? Well, by the looks of his new "Secret" video, it's that he...loves his fans and had a really great time touring North America this past summer. Mystery solved?

Filmed during Austin Mahone Live On Tour, the Eric Guererro-directed clip sees the "MMM Yeah" singer getting pumped before he takes the stage. Once out there, he works the crowd of Mahomies into an absolute frenzy -- which is totally understandable. I mean, this The Secret EP track is, like, Backstreet Boys-levels of infectious.

"Thank you all for supporting me on my first big tour," Austin captioned an Instagram post in support of the "Secret" video, adding that he can't wait to hit the road again. So, I guess this clip is kind of like a thank you card? That's cute, Austin, but you still didn't tell us what your secret is.